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About Us

The heart of Asia and Opera combined.

Inspired by the need to bridge the world of Arts between Asia and the World, Opera Festival Asia encompasses all forms of art and/or artists related to the Operatic genre and Asia, through format of a Silk Road, just as how our forefathers have travelled Eurasia through trade, with events spread across the year and across various countries across the world. We view Opera, as in the German Term "Musiktheater", Music and Theatre, and not just as a niche genre which caters only to the elite, but to be celebrated across all levels of society. OFA is also the first Silk-Road Format Opera Festival.

Our events reach out to and includes performances and presentations of the highest professional level and to serve the purpose of education, from Workshops, Masterclasses, to private events, medium and large scale concerts, cultural events, as well as up to full staged productions.

We embrace all forms of art, from traditional to modern, and envision ourselves to combust these to create new artistic flavours. We also embrace innovation in the arts through the use of unconventional craft and technology.

Our Story

Opera Festival Asia was created by its Founder Heather Tan, a Singaporean opera stage director based in Germany as a needed bridge between Asia and the World, in the field of Opera and its related art forms, with the knowledge of production and artistic direction from her experience in Europe. 

The Team is made out of like minded, determined individuals with the similar vision to build this bridge, and hopes to realise possibilities, regardless of how small or large, with determination and creativity, sensibility and care for details from start to finish. 

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